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What our clients say...

"I cannot say enough regarding the Hbot & Conductive Education my son received at County Hyperbarics* (formerly Rehabilitation Ranch/Ability Camp) over the past 5 years. Having suffered an acquired brain injury & resultant hypoxia, anoxia, ataxia, aphasia, hemiparsis & various other accompanying cognitive issues, I researched alternative therapies so as to maximize his recovery potential . After reviewing multiple studies on Hyperbaric oxygen we decided to pursue this therapy & conductive education at County Hyperbarics.

Our son's first session was in 2012 & we came back for three more subsequent sessions. We are planning to return again in Spring of 2017 . All areas of injury have improved. Cognition, motor skills, vision, speech, memory, & proprioception are amongst the improvements we have seen. My son himself has consistently reported after each round of therapy that he feels more "with it", alert, & "more normal".

We stayed on site each time & these accommodations & community kitchen & dining area enabled us to make our own meals, save money & eliminate daily travel to & from his therapies. Additionally we met many families who have shared lives & will remain friends for life. We found the staff to be compassionate, caring, extremely helpful & dedicated to making our experience there best as possible.

The fact that the Hbot chamber was large & our son was able to sit down during therapy reduced or eliminated his feeling claustrophobic which may occur in a lie down mono chamber. We were able to sit with him in this chamber throughout his 40 sessions.

The conductors/therapists were highly professional, well educated, & most helpful in including us in our son's therapies & in teaching us routines & exercises to maintain at home . Our son thoroughly enjoyed & is most thankful for the bonds of friendship that he forged with both conductive therapists.

Please feel free to contact me (via County Hyperbarics' owner) if you have any questions re: our experience. We are forever grateful for the improvements our son made there & will continue to make. I highly recommend these therapies for brain injury recovery.
" from Mary E., Hamburg, New York